Part Time Heroes… Meanwhile…

Right then, if you’ve been checking out previous issues you should already be familiar with these guys via a mini interview back in issue #06 of the magazine. They’ve kept up an admirable pace since then and this week Ross was kind enough to pass me a preview copy of their new album ‘Meanwhile…’.

I’m not keen on trying to tell people what’s good and what’s not (that’s your call right?). However, the last week has been pretty grim here on the work front and this album has gone a long way towards bringing me back to the surface. I’m going to avoid trying to explain what it sounds like as you can drop by their myspace page and see if it’s your thing. If you do just that and like what you find, make sure you give the podcast a go too. It’s the only one I listen to on a regular basis and just like their album, it always straightens out my mood and leaves me somewhere nice.

The album is out September 1st on Wah Wah 45s. Go find one.

Part Time Heroes on myspace

PTH Podcast

Wah Wah 45s

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