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There’s been a lot of requests in the past for a print version of the online magazine. Sadly this never came to fruition while we were still publishing pdf issues. But now for those of you who’d like to get your hands on some visual treats in a tangible format you can hold on to, we’re proud to present Capsule.

With Multilink, we’ve always made an effort to bring together a broad spectrum of artists, illustrators and designers; individuals from a variety of different disciplines and backgrounds, whose work may have otherwise never sat side by side. Capsule embodies this same convergent sensibility while making the transition from online publication to limited edition books and accompanying prints.

Our first book, Capsule 01 (featured in the video above) is available for £5.99 direct from the Capsule website where you will also find ‘Glitterfly’ by Alex Young, the first of our Limited Edition Art Prints.

A great deal of care and attention has been given in making sure the quality of these items meet expectations…

Our books are printed with green considerations in mind, using paper from sustainable managed forests and biodegradable inks. PUR bound for long life and durability, each volume of high quality silk pages is wrapped in an appropriately tactile matte laminate cover.

All limited edition prints are produced to archival standards by an established member of the Fine Art Trade Guild. Each print comes either hand signed and numbered or accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity with a matching hologram on both the certificate and the back of the print itself. They are then wrapped in acid free paper and shipped in high quality custom made tubes to ensure they arrive with you safely.

Multilink always has and always will remain a free and non-profit enterprise. But if you’ve been a fan of the pdf issues and site over the years, buying a Capsule book or print is a great way to get your hands on a collectible piece of the project while showing your support for what we do.

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