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Launched into the digital landscape of 2005, a time before the wide spread adoption of social media, when self publishing platforms were few and far between, Multilink offered a curated quarterly collection of independent creative initiatives from across the globe.

The world wide web was gaining real traction at the time. Along with it, a motivated audience, hungry for inspiration and willing to dig deep for content in a landscape that felt somewhat barren by todays standards.

Influenced by various traditional fanzines of my youth, Multilink was our attempt at strategically buried treasure; a melting pot of creative disciplines and cultural outlooks, bound together as a scrap book styled switchboard, providing readers with myriad new trajectories in which to point their web browsers.

While the magazine wrapped up its run in 2007 after nine quarterly issues, the blog would see content updates until sometime in 2011.

My most sincere gratitude to all and everyone involved… co-creators, contributors and audience alike. We caught a great wave at just the right moment and it was all kinds of excellent!


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