Cinema Iloobia

I posted a bit of info here back in December about extended multilink family member Iloobia’s collaboration with Studio Rarekwai on their book RackGaki. Since then he’s dropped by and filled me in on some other recent projects.

There’s been another three projects with the Rarekwai guys; contributing sticker designs for their forthcoming sticker book, editing a 20 minute documentary about HIV/AIDS in kenya as well as editing and post production for an hour long Dubstep documentary due for Japanese DVD release later this year.

He also showed me a short film he’s completed for Ninja Tune artist Max & Harvey’s track ‘Thieves’ from the forthcoming Big Amoeba Sounds album (keep an eye out for this, the album is amazing).

Next up is a documentary co-directed with Brighton writer and philosopher Neil Cantwell about music and religion in Japan which is due to start filing in April.

You can view an animation reel of past projects via the holding page for his new website. If you like what you see, please read on here and help us out…

…he also has an entry in e4’s annual competition to produce stings for their channel. Having made it to the final stage where 28 finalists face a public vote, you can check it out here (it’s the one called Chicken Shaman) and show your support by helping him win. Voting ends at noon on the 29th Feb.

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