Catching up with good intentions…

This extended hiatus has turned out to be far longer than intended and two months with no update is not a good look either. On that basis I thought I’d better drop a note and reassure anyone out there that the magazine is still coming.

I won’t bore you with various excuses about why it’s taking so long. The bottom line is that this whole thing goes down without any money changing hands and when you do something purely for the love of it, it goes without saying that it’s worthing getting right.

What I can offer up for now is details of what’s in the pipeline…

The next issue of the magazine has been in the works for more than a year now and as a result the various content spans that period. I think this’ll be fine though as I’ve always tried to avoid past issues being too reliant on current events, hoping to create something that feels a little more like a time capsule instead. This is all about showcasing good ideas after all, which in my view should remain timeless.

Closer to the boil and likely to appear a little before the next issue is the launch of Slide, a podcast series of mixtapes we will be playing home to for the time being. I’m not going to explain the ideas and motivations for this here as they should become apparent as the various mixes appear. The best way to describe it for now might be an audio equivalent to the magazine; a wide variety of tasteful content, compiled and delivered in a simple manner and with the same consideration and integrity we’ve aimed for to date.

Also on the horizon are some various product lines (t-shirts and high quality artist prints are probably first) alongside some kind of online outlet where you can purchase them. This is taking some time as I’m keen to keep standards high but items affordable which is challenging as you can imagine but in no way impossible. At this stage I’m still considering whether to put them here directly of set up something independent but affiliated. Either way, all developments will be posted here as they happen.

So rest assured, although this stuff gets done as and when time is available, the cogs are still turning. I do feel we’re getting closer to something that should constitute a tidy little resource and with real character too. Thank you again to those of you who keep coming back, patiently waiting for new developments. Your support is massively appreciated and will hopefully pay dividends soon. I have some interesting items put aside to post here on the blog over the coming weeks so do check back or subscribe yourself to the RSS feed.

If you’re familiar with what we’ve done here in the past and have an idea to suggest for the blog or upcoming issue, now is a good time to drop me a line. Please do look at previous issues first though to get an idea of what might be suitable.

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