John Cardiel (4 part Epicly Later’d profile)

I forgot about Epicly Later’d for a while so going back to check what I missed and finding this, really made my week. All 4 parts are going to take you over an hour but it’s so worthwhile.

From VBS… “This is the John Cardiel episode of Epicly Later’d. It began like all the episodes of the show begin, just meeting up with a dude to talk about skateboarding. But John is such a legendary skater with such a long and amazing personal history that to try and crush everything into a normal 15-minute episode would have been a joke. Over the course of filming and editing, this thing just grew and grew until now I almost want to say it’s a full-length documentary.”

“From his youth in the sticks of Grass Valley to becoming one of the most loved and respected skateboarders of all time to miraculously recovering from a horrific, paralyzing injury, we are proud to bring you John Cardiel’s story as best as we can tell it.”

You can find the clip above along with the remaining 3 parts at the Epicly Later’d page on

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