A Sankip Hummad: Le Sac De Sonido

I took the afternoon off today for some much required down time, work being pretty hectic as usual. The weather’s surprisingly nice and I couldn’t have asked for a better sofa soundtrack than this as the sun poured in.

Le Sac De Sonido (or ‘The Bag Of Sound’) is the work of Desmond Hollins, you can download the entire release for free at Portuguese net-label Test Tube. This is finding it’s place in my mind somewhere between titles like Gramm’s Personal Rock and Dan Abrams various releases as Shuttle358. If you’re looking to power down for a while and do a little mental housekeeping, this may well sort you out.

Hollins continues to impress. With his three S&S collections of hip hop makeovers (as Katrah Quey) alongside a handful of other releases including the Ceptual project debuted by Miasmah in 2006, this guy is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Appreciation goes out to Orville for passing me the link, thank you sir.

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