Klic: mix and E.S.T edit

Greymatter passed me this mix by Klic (Brighton based Ned Pegler) a while back, when I was trying to get comfortable with the idea of Dubstep as a genre and not just a handful of interesting tracks. I was picking up occasional releases on 3024, Hessle Audio, Applepips, etc that were blowing me away but feeling pretty uninspired by a lot of other stuff kicking about in that area. This mix by Ned was a solid fifty minutes of good stuff and a tight example of the deeper material out there…

Then a few months back Graham came through again, this time on his Unique Uncut label with Klics debut release Karaoke / High Tech Soul, a two track digital release with the same depth and restraint that had me hooked on the mix above. I’ve been harassing G about how this needs a vinyl release and with a bit of luck we’ll see some wax turn up in the future but in the meantime if you’re into the mix, you can do a good thing by supporting these guys and picking up a copy online here.

As if that’s not enough to get involved with, how about this slick edit of Esbjörn Svensson Trio?

Use the arrow in the right hand panel of each player to download mp3s of both the mix and the E.S.T edit. Respect to Ned for letting me share this stuff with the rest of you and big thanks to Greymatter too for putting me in the loop.

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