Kevin Bauman

Following my previous post about the High Tech Soul documentary, I keep finding myself sitting up late at the computer digging up various images and accounts regarding the degeneration of Detroit. One of the many stories that stood out was that of the Michigan Central Station, which in turn lead me to the photography of Kevin Bauman…

“When built in 1913, the Michigan Central Station was the world’s largest train station. The station was built fairly far from the downtown, with the hopes that it would anchor further development in the area. The station was used heavily through World War II, though the Great Depression slowed development in the city.  Michigan Central Station saw declining usage shortly after. Unfortunately the station was never even filled to capacity with several upper floors never being used.

The station finally closed for good in 1988. It has stood empty ever since, and after years of neglect and deterioration, the Detroit City Council has voted to demolish the historic building, and bill the owner, Matty Moroun, for the costs.”

The above images and text where taken from a project page of Kevins on Behance Network, click here to view the entire set. Also via his Behance profile you will find a set of various night scenes from metro Detroit and his 100 Abandoned Houses project.

You can browse the full selection of Kevins work at

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