40 Winks: Extended Leisure Mix (S002)

It’s about time I followed up the first installment of Slide with another carefully selected and criminally underexposed mixtape from the archives.

As the seasons change I find myself revisiting releases that have been hibernating, unnoticed in my itunes library for a while. Certain musical directions that for one reason or another I’ve come to associate with a particular time of year will stand out again when I’m browsing for a work soundtrack or something to keep me in a groove while I’m cooking dinner. This mix by 40 Winks often reappears around this time each year, maybe it’s the first few days of being outside in a t-shirt without freezing that does it…

S002: 40 Winks – Extended Leisure by slidemusic

As I said last time I’m not going to go in to any depth trying to explain the content of these mixes, you can scan them via the player if you want to get a feel for what’s involved. If you’re not familiar with what 40 Winks do, think along the lines of an adventure in laid back beats and narrative interludes.

You can stream or download the mp3 via the Soundcloud player. Enjoy.

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