Lighted Apartment (Miasmah, 2003)

I’ve been meaning to post this compilation here for quite some time, featuring tracks from Supine, Helioce, Sabi, Sense, Xhale, Solitaire Albread, Hmm and Julien Neto. Released on Miasmah towards the end of 2003, it was one of the labels last free downloads before their transition from mp3s to Vinyl and CDs. Thankfully though, the entire original mp3 back catalogue remains available via

As an online project of it’s time, Miasmah played a significant role in the decision to realise Multilink in a digitally distributed format. It’s something we take for granted now but a decade ago, to see someone embracing the opportunity with such unique character and style was really inspiring…

Coming across Miasmah a few years ago when my world was less internet oriented, was a real insight for me. It showed me just how much potential there was to build yourself a platform online. Not only for exposing your own work but to act as the basis of a network, to communicate with other like minded individuals and lead to so many new friendships and collaborations. Multilink #08 (Dec 06)

I have a handful of personal favourites from this period (more of which will surface here soon) but this compilation in particular is a great example of the high quality content the label managed to deliver for free. A casual listen will likely provide a calming backdrop for whatever you’re occupied with but given your full attention, these 10 carefully sequenced tracks have the potential to be quite sublime. If you can afford to rest for an hour, I highly recommend spending the time getting properly acquainted.

I feel like there is so much more to be said about the early years of Miasmah, perhaps at some point I’ll ask Erik if he has time to answer some questions about it for the blog. As I said above, I’ll post some other personal favourites in the near future but in the meantime here’s links to the Lighted Apartment compilation and some previous coverage in the mag…

Download ‘Lighted Apartment’ at Release Page / Direct Download

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