Make It Count: Chapter 2

The second chapter of the Element documentary is finally out, covering the period I’ve been most excited about seeing again. The first chapter focused largely on Johnny Schillereff and his personal background but this one moves on to the original Underworld Element initiated with Andy Howell.

“The first incarnation of Element came in the form of a small collaborative, East Coast company called Underworld Element. Most often referred to as Underworld, the company was inspired by the hip-hop movement and used a mixture of urban styles and reflected a raw and controversial vibe.

Soon after its inception, Underworld was plagued with many challenges, and the business began to collapse. Its original crew had all moved on, and Johnny was left with two choices: either turn the struggling brand around, or abandon Underworld altogether and start something entirely new.”

If you’re into the documentary then the first Element video ‘Fine Artists’ (above) is a good follow up move.

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